Various projects designed to help musical development and practice.

Alexa Control Of Song Master

Speech control of some of the features of Song Master music practice program. See the blog post Practicing with Alexa and a PC Part Two.

Music Practice Tools

An experimental set of tools to help with practicing and remote music lessons. Basically a blog (static web site) with some interactive widgets supporting common musical needs such as ABC notation and metronomes.

Generate Musical Parameters

Web app to generates random values for a set of parameters. Either one or all. Will also play audio media for values. Ideal for practicing or composing. Thanks to Al Swainger.


Displays current youtube video time as you scroll the page containing the video.

youtube-current-time on GitHub

Build Audacity with ASIO drivers

Instructions and a script to simplify building Audacity with ASIO driver support on Windows.

Build your own Audacity for Windows with ASIO driver support

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