About FullMeasure

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The idea of this little blog, FullMeasure, is to be a place to collect my thoughts, share discoveries and learnings as I explore developing my musicality. I’ll also share projects that I develop in order to scratch any itches I get on the way.

Like many others I had a bad experience of music education at school. So much so that I self identified as ‘non musical’ and rejected all possibilities to learn. Now however, I deeply regret not developing my musicality during those school years when it would have be relatively easy. My desire is to better appreciate the music I enjoy listening too and also engage in making music, both as an creative outlet and as a positive fun collaborative activity.

As an adult learner of music I’ve struggled on many levels. Psychological baggage makes it hard to get down to the actual learning and practising for skills development. A busy adult life makes it easy to procrastinate rather than finding projects or make commitments. Finding good resources that clearly explain how music works and the theory that captures the ‘rules’ has also proved difficult. For me, finally looking for and finding a fantastic teacher who was willing to take on older user made a huge differences and changed my attitude (thanks Jim).

I guess my experience and struggles are in no way unique and others have experienced their own journeys towards developing better musicality.

My partial solution was to play around with audio electronics in my teens. I became somewhat sidetracked with the distraction of computers and software. But even though digital music has been a revolution since the mass explosion of synths in the 80s I never got massively involved with them. Now I exploring the electric bass guitar as a way to get into music without a total “left brain takeover”, as I find so often happens (oooh, I wonder what circuitry they use there, or how does that software work….).

So without further delay, let the show begin….

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