Following the common practice in open source projects, here is a collection of awesome musicality tools, resources, videos and shiny things. There’s an unashamed emphasis on resources for bass.

Skills Development

Mind Games

Relax, Watch and Listen

  • Musicality Now podcast - full of interviews about musicality and more by the Musical U team. More recent episodes include video as well as audio.


  • Rick Beato great breakdowns of classic songs and more.
  • Steve Lawson - Solo Bass Steve Mr awesome himself, pushing the boundaries of bass playing and musical sustainability. Oh, and a really nice guy too. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to his bandcamp.
  • Bill Vencil - Chords of Orion YouTube channel with loads of gorgeous ambient guitar and well explained musicality tips and skills.

Kit List

For no particular reason here is some of the stuff I use.

  • Peavey Millenium my first bass and great entry level value
  • Ibanez SR650 my current bass
  • PJB Double Four (BG-75) small practice amp with great quality and perfect for home use.
  • ModDevice DuoX Truely awesome virtual pedal-board with infinite possibilities. Mostly open source too.
  • Windows PC
  • Transcribe! the original and best music transcription tool that rocks for learning music by ear from recordings. Desktop, not touch enabled.
  • iReal Pro chord chart based backing track generator and player. Can run on Windows using the Bluestacks Android emulator
  • YouTube a great source of music (but you knew that)
  • Yamaha PSS 680 The review says it all about this early workstation but it just about does MIDI and my daughter has nabbed my Roland XP-50
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