Learning by Ear Process

*** An Outline Learning by Ear Process ***

If been trying to learn music “ear-first”, ie without reading scores first. My process is currently:

  • listen to the song / piece lots and lots and lots. Just soak it in.
  • active listening to answer questions like a what’s the form, key, what instruments play when, articulations etc etc
  • using suitable software loop a small section
  • try to sing the numbers of the melody or bassline
  • find the notes on instrument to check
  • slow down if required
  • separate out instrument/voice stem only if really needed.
  • rinse and repeat, recalling previously learnt bits
  • probably explore harmony (chords), often as part of step 2, active listening for form. Eg it’s 12 bar blues
  • record somehow as you build up for fall back reminder, I might use stick and solfeg (numbers) rather than full score notation. Maybe record yourself singing the Numbers of the melody.
  • later do tapered recall to fix it.
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