Ear Training Course

The Musical U Ear Training for Beginners

I’ve just completed Musical U’s latest course Ear Training For Beginners and I’m very happy with the results. I really do feel my ears are starting to recognize relative pitches, intervals and chords. Plus I can pick out tunes by ear much more easily now having gained quite a few skills from the course.

Previously I’ve tried using various ear training apps, including Musical U’s own, but have found this to be a depressing and fruitless endeavor. Perhaps I was laying foundations but progress was almost imperceptible and felt like it was nothing what-so-ever to do with music.

Musical U have a few ear training modules which have been useful but this course takes it to a whole new level. While i agree with the teams approach of everyone will best benefit from a personal route through the masses of excellent modules on offer at Musical U, sometimes a structured course gives the best results.

This course provide that structure, taking you from step to step and skill to skill. Having the steps layed out in a clear progression work really well for me. There is also clear guidance to help you set your expectations and NOT get disappointed by slow progress but to focus on the growth.

I actually had several moments of giddy excitement as I realized I could now hear things I’ve not been able to but dearly wanted to. I know I need to keep practicing even now I’ve completed the course. But I’m confident I’m well on the way to my goal of being able to improvise for fun and relaxation.

Each module in the course uses the powerful and proven Musical U “Learn, Practice, Apply” technique that brings everything together so the theory and practice are embedded in making and listening to music. This involves 3 areas that are often taught in isolation, or tacked on the end of a lesson plan.

  • Instrument technique: the ability to play what you intend to, reliably and accurately on your instrument(s) of choice.
  • Music theory: the understanding of musical concepts, how music is structured and notated.
  • Ear skills: the ability to recognize musical elements when you hear them, with accuracy and ease.

The course guide Andrew Bishco has once again put together a fantastic course. In addition to being self paced you have access to email help and the friendly community of other learners.

If you are interested in getting your ears to work better than they currently do, then I highly recommend you look at the Ear Training For Beginners course.

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